​​​​​​​Phoenician Market

​Cheeses and Olives

​​​​The Many Faces of Pita

Kashkaval, Halloumy, Greek and Bulgarian Feta, String, Syrian and Gibna Roumy are few of the cheeses you will find in the Phoenician Market along with our best seller Labne which is  a spreadable version of the Greek yogurt.

We have barrels and barrels of olives from all over the world; green and black Lebanese olives, Italian Kalamata, Palestinian, Spanish, Moroccan and more.

Try our Signature Namoura Squares and spinach pies.  They are only $1.00 ea. and they are the best in town.  Our Mamoul stuffed with pistachios, walnuts and dates is homemade and always fresh.  We carry Baklava, Barazik, chocolate and much more. 

We also take special orders for Kataef (stuffed pancakes), Graybe (butter cookies), Knafy and Namoura to be picked up from our store.

Our own pita is made fresh every morning.  It is versatile, soft, pliable and perfect for the Lebanese rolled sandwich, canape, stuffed pocket and pita chips.  It has no fat and best of all a serving of one small bread or half or a large is only 75 calories.  We also carry Canadian bread.

​​​​​​​​​serving THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1987

Pastries and Spinach Pies